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We're here to make the legal journey a bit less confusing.

  • Don't want to hire a lawyer but need some help with the process?


  • Whether you're thinking about taking legal action or just curious about the whole legal process, we've got your back.


  • Our goal is to give you the particulars on filing lawsuits, legal proceedings, prepping for court—basically, anything legal process-related.


We're all about empowering YOU to tackle the legal stuff like a champ!


  • Do I have a case?

  • What kind of case is it?

  • What county should I file it?

  • Which court do I need to file my case in?

  • What documents do I need to file a case?

  • How do I let the other party know I have filed a case?

  • What do I do after I file my case?

  • How long does the other party have to answer?

  • What do I do after they file an answer?

  • What happens if they don't file an answer?

  • How do I find out what is happening with my case?

  • Does the court notify my when changes occur?

  • What does it mean to be on a court calendar?

  • How do I prepare for my case to be heard before a judge?

  • Do I need to have witnesses?

  • What should I do with all my documents?

  • What kind of questions might the judge ask me?


Pay for the time you need to understand the legal process.


A Court Coach helps you with the legal process, but they don't tell you how the law specifically relates to your situation.


  • 5 minutes for free (limited to 1 time)

  • 15 minutes for $50

  • 30 minutes for $100

  • 45 minutes for $150

  • 60 minutes for $200

About me



Mediator, Attorney, Real Estate Investor and Business Owner


  • Mediator: Georgia State Registered Mediator since 2016.

  • Litigator: litigate complex commercial disputes from pre-trial negotiations, trials, appellate briefs through post-judgment collections since 2002.

  • Business Attorney: perform as clients' general counsel by drafting contracts, leading negotiations and handling complex situations to best protect the interest of the client. Provide legal counsel to management regarding business risks, litigation and potential liability across businesses since 2002.

  • Business Owner and Adviser: advise clients about strategic positioning, business operations, employees and marketing since 2002.



Emory University School of Law

Juris Doctor (J.D.), Law with Honors

2000 - 2002

Grade: Top 25%


Georgia State University

BA, Political Science, Minor, History


3.92 of 4.0 GPA